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Hidden Message Never Been Kissed is a movie about a women, Josie Geller, who is smart but socially awkward. In high school she was the typical loser but she went on to be a copy editor for the Chicago Sun-Times. The editor-in-chief assigns her to report undercover at a high school to help parents become more aware of their children's lives. This sends the main character Josie back to high school, the place she hated most where she becomes the same unpopular girl she was in high school. Josie fights though the movie to be clear of her loser label and make it in with the cool crowd. This is a movie that portrays the all too common battle between the unpopular and popular kids. In this film the popular kids rule the school and contol the geeks that fill the halls. It teaches us the lesson that the main character Josie had to learn by going through school again: move on. In Never Been Kissed produced by 20th Century Fox and Drew Barrymore's production company, Flower Films , director Raja Gosnell attempts to show how to move on from labels and bullying by telling the story of a young girl who is struggled though high school and how those emotions held her back. This film demonstrates the effects of bullying by showing how the main character Josie is hunted by her high school experience and encourages some self-reflection. Dork, dweeb, geek, freak, and loser are all labels that Josie was under. Dr. Suess first used the word “nerd” in 1950 it described a “small, unkempt, humanoid creature with a large head and a comically disapproving expression”. Later the word nerd was used to describe a person who is dull and conventional. In 1971, The Observer called nerds, “people who don't live meaningful lives,”. Even today the word has a different meaning then what it did before. In the film Josie is label as a nerd and was not accepted into the popular

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