Child Beauty Pageants

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All around the world parent’s are putting their children into beauty pageants. Some of these children can barely talk and just learned to walk. Entering a child into beauty pageant is morally unjust and objectionable. What these children are learning isn’t helping them as much as they are harming them. They’re learning that physical beauty is the primary judges of their character and not their brains. Child beauty pageants are wrong because it encourages sexuality at a young age, they can also create harm for that child, and they are sometimes being forced by their parents to compete. Young girls parading around a stage wearing a bikini and pounds of makeup is very wrong. The outfits that they are wearing are outfits some grown women wouldn’t even wear because it’s so inappropriate. There is a popular television show called Toddlers and Tiaras that documents what goes on during these child beauty pageants. There was one episode where these seven year old girls had to do a very provocative dance routine at a pageant. At the beginning of the episode the pageant moms were completely against it but their daughters dance coach convinced them that they would have to do if they want to win. The girls ended up winning the pageant. These girls had on barely any clothing and a lot of makeup and they are only seven. Beauty pageants are encouraging sexuality at very young age. Beauty pageants can really harm a child. With any child not winning something can really damage their self esteem. Not winning a beauty pageant is telling children that are not good looking enough or they’re not special. They may begin to starve themselves just to have that ideal “perfect” image, this leads to life-long eating disorders. They are also put under a lot of stress trying to please everyone. Beauty pageants are killing the self esteem of the children involved. Many parents of these girls

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