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1210500043 Pardeck 1st Hour January 23, 2013 Gabrielle Douglas “Gabrielle Douglas catapulted into history as the first African-American to win a gold medal in the women’s individual all-around gymnastic at the London Olympics” (Sanders). The impact one can have on another can be positive or negative depending on how the person was raised, their emotional standpoint, and their beliefs. Douglas showed it was possible to achieve anything after growing up with her coach and succeeding to become a world class gymnast. Gabrielle Douglas is the most positive influential person of the last twenty years because she accomplished her dreams and goals, she has a strong Christian faith, and she had the confidence and determination to become great, not just in her own standards, but it the overpowering standards of the world. When Douglas was little, her one and only dream was to become an amazing, inspiring gymnast. Joyce E. Davis, in the article, “The Gift of Gab,” is one of many inspired by star athlete, Gabrielle Douglas. Davis says, “Life has certainly changed for Douglas. The 4’11, 90 pound, 16 year old, also known as the Flying Squirrel, catapulted her way into history winning several firsts: the first African-American woman, and female of color for that matter, to win the gold medal in the Woman’s Individual All Around; and the first American gymnast to win both the team and individual gold at the same Olympics. Even before leaving for London, Douglas knew she could have a big impact on her community.” This quote shows how being a star can have an impact in lives of people of all genders and ages. Douglas basically states that no matter how bad a circumstance is, never give up on hopes and dreams. What a lot of people don’t know is that Douglas has basically been fatherless since she was nine. Her father was deployed to Afghanistan and all who know about it

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