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Justyna Kowalczyk has had an everlasting positive impact on the Polish community worldwide. Ever since her first physical education teacher, competitions in flat racing and cyclo-cross, and playing basketball and hand ball, Kowalczyk has always had an itch for becoming the Champion of Polish Youth in sports. In years to come, she eventually won the first point of the World Cup in 2001, the bronze, silver and gold medals in Vancouver, and the first Polish athlete to win the free sprint technique after being ranked number two, against Marit Bjoergen. More recently, she has won the gold medal in Sochi, Russia in the 10-km run, classic-style. In all of these competitions, Justyna Kowalczyk proudly represented the country of her background: Poland. She did not simply represent herself, but the country she was from. This is one of the most positive influences that she has had on the Polish culture. Working towards her goals of becoming a World Champion in sports was a feeling that never died. You can clearly tell her great pride of her Polish heritage when she was handed the Gold medal in Sochi, Russia during the Winter Olympics. Her hard work and perseverance are two worthwhile qualities that the Polish people look up to and gives them their strength and pride to cope with political problems and threats of neighboring nations. Although Poland has at one point in history not existed for 123 years, the strength and dignity of the Polish people has never died. Justyna was not afraid of the people she competed against, but rather pushed herself to achieve the best she could, representing Poland. Her great talent has achieved positive publicity around the world and gave Poland a good and positive outlook. Without Justyna Kowalczyk and other Polish athletes like Adam Malysz, Polish Winter Sports would not be on the podium

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