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Sharon Wright: This applicant was considered to be one of the best due to her visionary idea. Her product saves time and valuable money instantly due to its use. During her presentation she showed confidence by always maintaining eye contact with one of the dragons at any given moment. She didn’t forget anything, and planned the scenario well. She gave a small introduction to her product, then a demonstration of how it works, followed by some facts about how much money it will save (6.8million a year), before informing the dragons that she has already found companies who would like a direct supply of her innovative idea. Any questions that the dragon had, she answered confidently with no signs of disturbance. From the moment she walked in she knew what she wanted and was prepared for anything that was thrown her way. Sharon also showed initiative, she tells an anecdote of when a BT engineer was fixing her cables and said he needed a tool so retrieved a coat hanger. She took it into her own hands to fund a develop her cable threading idea. The dragons see this and applaud her many times throughout the pitch. Due to this, the dragons know that she is determined to better herself and her business and so are more likely to invest in her. In the end she got more than she bargained for, gave a little more of her company away but managed to grab two dragons instead of one (James Khan and Duncan Valentine). There are many skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur however first we need to know what this is. An entrepreneur is someone who starts their business from scratch and starts to sell a product/service of some sort. The first skill needed is passion. A person cannot do the best of their ability in a certain area if they do not have passion for it. If an entrepreneur loves what he/she is doing then they will work harder in achieving what they want.

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