Team Meeting Reflection

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4/6/14 Yvette M. She had her name/phone number on the board. She let us know of a few patients who kept her in the rooms for a little longer than usual because they wanted to talk. I let her know that it was okay, as long as she finished 2 rounds of PXA work. She said the staff was great and had no issues with any ’s. I asked her the policy question- what is a foley?- of which she answered correctly. 4/10/14 She was very friendly and had no complaints about the staff or s she was working with. She mentioned that the patient census was low and that she did not know what to do on her down time. I told her as long as she finished her two rounds, it is always good to revisit patients and converse with them to keep them company. I also told them they should assist…show more content…
I listened in on what one of the rooms as she was rounding. She did a great job of asking all the questions correctly, but I told her she can always stay a little longer and converse with patient so it does not seem like she is coming in just to check in. I then asked her multiple questions about being a and how we can improve anything. She mentioned that making at least two rounds was not a difficult task and that she has always gotten in both rounds. Everything else she mentioned was positive and she appreciated the friendly staff. 4/17/14 She stepped outside the room and I let her know that she should always have her clipboard turned over for confidential reasons. Cheryl did a great job of staying engaged with not only the patients, but wits and staff as well. Even though she was making rounds, she always asked everyone else if they needed anything. She usually finishes her rounds early, so she enjoys helping out other people on her down time. I then asked her a policy question- what is a foley?- of which she knew the answer
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