Mgt 311 Employee Portfolio Management Plan Paper

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Employee Portfolio-Management Plan Charlene Williams MGT/311 12/18/2014 Justin Kendricks Employee Portfolio: Management Plan In this essay the main ingredients of the paper is the self- assessment and how they would work in the organization in which you work. There are different values and personalities involved in these assessments. Some may add value to the organization some may not. Communication has a lot to do with the assessment. Donna is the first employee and her assessment stated that she values her job and she is very creative and that is a very good asset to the organization and it adds value. This is very useful in decision making. Donna’s characteristics will help the organization tremendously. She has a…show more content…
.Lisa has taken several assessments scored very high in each one this young lady is very outgoing and assertive. She has a very enthusiastic personality which is positive for the organization. .This young lady is considered an asset o the company .She brings her skills and experience to the organization and adds to the characteristics of the job and that makes it easier for the manager to manage the employees. She is a team player but prefers to work alone. .Lisa is committed to great job performance. Her decisions are very ethical and honest. I Recommend she take the value assessment. Now we have Ericka the third employee and she has job satisfaction. She is also committed to the organization. She takes her job very serious. She likes to satisfy her peers as well as her manager. Ericka has a very high level of confidence and job involvement. She keeps a positive attitude flowing. Now she like to work amongst people. Ericka had work life balance, which makes her easy to deal with and she has been rated very high on her assessment. The work performance shows a lot of character and

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