Hrm 531 Professional Development Plan

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Professional Development Plan Professional development is about the gaining of personal skills and knowledge for career opportunities and advancements. There are many sources for professional development, such as consultation, lesson study, coaching, mentoring, community of practice and technical assistance (Guskey, 2000). DISC Talent constitutes of different factors, and behavior is one among all. The DISC personality test provides a report that reveals the individual’s behavior. It guides the requirement to develop new skills that could help in getting higher level of commitment, competence, and cooperation when working with others. By understanding the differences of others it is a valuable tool for professional and personal development of members of the team (MLS, 2013). It is a fact that everyone possesses…show more content…
Three team members are dominant and the rest of two are of steadiness styles. Hence we have kind of balance team for a healthy working environment. The dominant ones are always ahead in leading, initiating and taking steps for solving the difficult tasks. In addition, all of them are quick and firm decision taker. The other two are of steadiness style, therefore they play a more important role to equal the team attitude. They provide every kind of support to their team members and never prohibits regarding help. If the other team members show their laziness at any step they provide balance by their stability and consistency. Both of them think as dependable on others where they very smart in leading on the back hand. Under the supervision of my influencing style, they remain energetic as I never let them down. I take part with them in creating new ideas and share my ideas for their as well. I feel a very good and health combination between me and my team. This pattern of working will bring us at the top of the list by performing well and with a consistent
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