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Perfect Position Derek Rittenhouse LDR/531 Professor Lynette Grizelle May 21st, 2012 Perfect Position Organizations go through periods of expansion and restructure to increase profitability explore new markets. It is crucial that the proper leadership is established to ensure that these transitions are as smooth as possible. Leaders who possess strong qualities are needed to help the organization to create new processes and guide the staff through them. Best Suited Position The best suited position for me in the company is as an operations manager. An operations manager is a person who runs the operations of a business daily. This position is responsible for efficient and effective measures. The operations manager must continue to find ways to make the company more efficient and profitable. I am best suited for this position because of my strong work ethic, organization, and motivation skills. The company will benefit from my motivation to get the job done and my organization skills to put everything in place. My strong work ethic would not let me rest until the expansion and restructure processes are complete. Strengths My leadership strengths are that I have a strong work ethic, loyalty, dependability, organized, compassionate, and motivation.…show more content…
This was developed to explain how the behavior of a leader influences the satisfaction and performance of subordinates (Robbins & Judges, 2011, p. 228). This is a very interesting theory because I do feel that there is a strong relation to how leaders treat subordinates and how satisfied they are. If an employee is treated in a negative manner by his or her leader this can cause that employee to feel very unsatisfied. If a leader treats the employee positively then the employee may be satisfied. It is important to seek the highest level of satisfaction for employees so that their work is not affected and the work atmosphere remains

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