Non-Profit Organization Leadership Expectations Essay

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Assignment 1: Non-Profit Organization Leadership Expectations Tracy Murphy Webster University MNGT-5500 Professional Seminars Leadership in a Non-Profit Environment Dr. Page January 16, 2014 Non-Profit Organization Leadership Expectations This paper is intended to discuss the expectation I believe a leader in a Non-profit organization should have in order to be a successful leader. As a leader in non-profit organization ascends the ladder of power and authority in the Non-profit organization, the expectations for leadership increase. Leadership is not produced by a person; it is something people create together. When developing into any type of a leader there are many requirements and expectation that will need to be developed in order to fulfil any leadership role. Remembering with an increased positional authority and visibility attract greater attention to and reliance on the manager's leadership style. The ability to step back from the daily pressures of their jobs and look at the big picture, to learn new skills, and to build their professional networks advanced degree program often bring to the table a deeper understanding of business management techniques and tools all creates a successful leader in a leadership role. Leaders are enablers that energize organizations. “Leadership should never be confused with the management or administration of a non-profit organization.” There are an abundance of leadership definitions I found; almost all of them stand true to what I would require as leading to my expectations. Leadership is defined as the roles and processes that facilitate setting direction, creating alignment, and maintaining commitment in groups of people who share common work. The combination of the assets of juggling numerous responsibilities, plus an expanded network of peers they can tap for advice can mean better results for
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