Bussiness M2 P1 D1 S1

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P1 Explain the personal attributes valued by employers 1. All employers have their own personal attributes that they value; this helps them to find out about the industry that they are working in. Doing this will make the employers become more aware of what is going on which will gain them more knowledge and help to improve their skills. Self- motivation- This is where someone has own concern about achieving something and is well motivated by himself or herself without the continual influence of anyone else telling them what to do. This is really important to any employers as it shows that you have own passion and determination to do the work. Leadership qualities- This is when you undertake a certain task and get others to follow what you have explained. This skill is important in IT industry as it shows the employer that you are willing to be in lead of others and helps to achieve all the developments in the IT industry. There are some qualities that each person should have in order to become a good leader and these include: reliability, good communication skills, commitment, time management and honesty. Punctuality- This is when the employees arrive at the right time to work and are well prepared to take on any task set by their employer. This is really important in IT department as it shows the employer that you are ready for work on time. Problem Solving- This is when the employees undertake a certain problem and resolve it by working on it. It is really important in the IT department as it shows the employer that his/her workers do everything to solve the problem and find the best solution. Determination- This is when both the employer and the employee make important decisions within the job. The employer will have make decisions on who to employ and what skills they have etc. The employees will have to satisfy the employer with the
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