Hcs 341 Week 1

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Human Resource Management Aquanetta Littles HCS/341 September 5, 2013 Michael Taylor INTRODUCTION Human resource management (HRM/HR) is the complex art and science of governing the organization’s employees through a structured strategic approach. It encompasses managing the cooperative behavior and relationship between personnel and company. The department runs the administrative processes of an office, business, governmental organization, or institution. Originally, HR was division within the finance department, concerned with pay and benefits, however, as the function evolved companies realized its’ important to the organization. People are a business most valuable asset and keeping them satisfied, motivated, developed and retained is necessary if a company is to remain profitable (humanresources.about.com, n.d.). HR department plays a vital role in companies; helping them master the challenging competitive environment and the demand for highly qualified employees. Their primary roles are locating, screening, recruiting, hiring, and training high quality individuals who will become constructive members of the organization. They must be professional at all time handling different situations and people; skillfully communicating the firms’ policies, procedures, and goals: other responsibilities include perform job…show more content…
A potential employee first contact is with the HR department. The HR attain job fairs, go college campus or other places to recruit new employees. They review new applicants’ resumes checking backgrounds, work history, reference, and screen interviewers for open positions with the company. HR set up, implement ordination for the new hires; informs them about company policies and producers. Compensation is payment that the employees receive in exchange for labor (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, & Cardy

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