Tanglewood Case 1

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I would like to begin this meeting by saying thank you for the opportunity to be a part of Tanglewood. I recognize the tremendous efforts you as Board members have invested in Tanglewood to make it the striving company it is today. Tanglewood is one of the largest retailers in the 12 regions and like any organization a staffing strategy has to be implemented in order to survive, to be successful, and to be competitive in today’s economy. After carefully examining the report that was submitted to me, I have analyzed Tanglewood’s staffing strategy and would like to present you with my recommendations. 1. Acquire or Develop Talent To acquire externally or hire more employees is not feasible for Tanglewood at the moment. I recommend that Tanglewood develop talent that is already a part of the organization. Acquiring internally in an organization will allow the existing employees to grow within the company and further help meet company goals. By applying the KSAO (knowledge, skill, ability, and other characteristics) needed to perform the job effectively and more efficiently. By developing talent within, allows Tanglewood to hold on to one part of their mission statement that states “we are committed as a company to providing maximum value to our customers, shareholders, and employees.” Also by sticking to develop talent this method also allows Tanglewood to continue to steadfast to another part of their mission statement that states, “We will accomplish this goal by adhering to the core values of responsible financial management, clear and honest communication, and always keeping performance and customer service.” According to an article in Business Weekly, “Tanglewood really needs to slow down and take a hard look at our corporate culture. Right now we need to consolidate and make sure we’re as close to the company’s original mission as we can be. Our success
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