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Question 1: Taran Swan (TS) exhibited a variety of behaviors worthy of a leader while launching and initially running Nickelodeon Latin America (NICKL). The two predominant personality traits that best characterize her are conscientiousness and openness to experience. Conscientiousness is the trait of being detail oriented, organized, thorough, careful, and goal oriented. There are several references in the case that point to these specific aspects of her personality. TS’s love of numbers, her probing questions during the hiring interviews and later on the job and her ability to ask good questions substantiate how detail oriented she was. TS’s ability to build a team from scratch is a testament to her organization skills. Key assumptions in TS’s business plan withstood the careful scrutiny of the New York office, showing how thorough she was when drafting the plan. Reviewing the terms of the many deals NICKL were negotiating during launch prove how careful she was in her approach. Finally, her unwavering focus on the overall business strategy and channel’s success demonstrate that she was always goal oriented. Openness to experience is characterized by curiosity, creativity and learning oriented intellectual behavior. A personality trait such as openness fosters employee participation. In the view of one MTV employee, TS did a great job allowing everyone to contribute ideas, even the one who took care of the video library. TS encouraged open communication, gave ownership and developed consensus-based decision making. She was very open to good ideas irrespective of their source. TS was naturally curious; her style was to ask probing questions. She was very comfortable admitting to not knowing and learning from others by being a good listener. The above two personality traits among others helped TS build a culture at NICKL, where every employee thought

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