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Organizing Paper Laquoya Godbee MGT/330 January 24, 2011 In this paper I will discuss and evaluate the organizing function of management as it relates to at least two of the following organizational resources such as physical assets, knowledge, monetary technology and human resources. I will also discuss whether or not The Augusta Country Club has optimized these organizational resources for effectiveness and efficiency. In addition I will justify my answer and provide all reasons that are necessary. Physical assets play an extremely vital role in the day to day operations of any business. At The Augusta Country Club (ACC), physical assets are a gigantic component to the business…show more content…
Human Resources are a major aspect to every business. Management's presentation in human resources will say whether or not a business will be flourishing in the long run by recruiting with the right people for the right positions. A lot of businesses and their managers undergo the pressure to be completely staffed and take on people without actually evaluating their potential for quality effort as well as being a good fit for the atmosphere the managers desire the workplace to have. ACC has experienced employment issues in recent times since they are devoted to maintaining a definite standard of quality when offering a spot to a new member of staff and are reluctant to just settling for the regular. Managers at ACC have to cautiously examine their respective workers and decide if they require the need for extra people and if they do the managers have to estimate the different personalities they manage and what type of personality would fill the open spot effectively. One of the smartest methods a manager can embark on is to set their workers up to be successful not just as individuals nevertheless as a…show more content…
Organizing is the foundation for thriving businesses. For any potential successful business, competition provides employers with the necessary tools to become a better business to better serve its customers. The members pay top dollar to be apart of our business. So, our costumer service is what determines the perseverance of our business. Therefore, a big part of business is accepting all people who are willing to pay for our services. . Customer demands are very important in every business, so the ACC treat their members with top notch care and their guest as well. ACC provides something for every member such as childcare programs, golf players, tennis players, and other recreational opportunities. Customer demands are what make the ACC a functioning business because without the members we would be nonexistent. In addition this is why ACC has to be efficient at everything they do because they have to much to loose and a lot gain at the same time. One negative thing will affect our establishment because we don’t accept all memberships you have to be recruited in by at least two existing members. Also you have to pay all your dues up front with no payments arrangements unless you have generations of families that were members or are presently members. Nevertheless the country club prides itself on following a member’s only doctrine. This allows members to receive the most proper gratitude for being apart

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