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The First U.S. Woman’s Gymnastics Olympic Gold Medal Have you ever heard about Kerri Strug? If you haven’t than you are missing out. If you have heard about her then you probly know what an amazing person she is, or wait a minuet do you even know what she did to be so great? Kerri Strug was on the 1992 and the 1996 Olympic Gymnastics teams. Kerri helped lead the 1996 Olympic gymnastics team to get the gold medal, and may I add it was the first time for the U.S. Woman Olympic Gymnastics to ever win the gold medal. Yes I know that you are thinking “oh big deal there is a first for everything” I know because that is what I thought the first time I heard about her. “What is it that makes her so great?” you might ask, “Well was it her good sportsmanship?” No “Was it her good form?” No. Than what is so great about her? It all came down to her they needed a very high score, it was the last event which was vault and she was the last person up and they were depending on her score to get the gold medal, it was all going good in tell she missed her hands on the vault and fell and sprained her ankle very bad. Despite her hurt ankle she had a anther vault to do…show more content…
9in. gymnast Kerri Strug be came a big hero. Despite a sprained ankle, she launched into one last vault and stuck her landing to win the U.S. women’s gymnastics squad its first-ever team Olympic gold” (TIME Magazine) “Born: Nov. 19, 1977 Kerri Strug Delivered the most dramatic moment of the 1996 Summer Olympics when she completed a vault (9.712) after spraining her ankle; the second vault assured the first all-around gold medal for a US Women’s gymnastics team after poor vaulting by her teammates had put the medal in doubt; a poor performance by the Russian team on the beam had clinched the gold medal for the US but Strug was unaware when she made the second vault.

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