2012 Gymnastics History Essay

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The Success of the 2009 Gymnastic Olympics “Records are meant to be broken and history is made”, often said by sports commentators. In the 2008 Gymnastics Olympics, it was what the athletes were set out to do. Traced back to ancient Greece, the fusion of athlete’s and aesthetics formed together to make an explosive sport to watch. In the 2008 Gymnastics Olympics athletes came from across the globe to continue tradition and make the Olympics successful. There were three main disciplines the Olympics were based on; artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, and trampoline. Each discipline helps contest the events for the particular area. As athletes came from across the world, they brought their country proud on their back.…show more content…
Many people meet the requirements but aren’t able to exceed expectations. The athletes in the 2008 Olympics set out to make that statement true. One record was Team GB. They won 19 gold medals in Beijing. These medals are success stories for the countries, but as well as the Olympics. Also, Iowa teenager, Nastia Luikin, takes home the gold for the U.S. under pressure. And China collected 51 gold medals which is the highest figure for nations who have competed in the Olympics within the last 20 years. With 159,801 views of the U.S. Girls Gymnastics Olympics team and 155,830 of Women’s Olympic Gymnastics teams alone, these two sets of gymnasts’ show the success for the 2008 Gymnastics Olympics. By reaching more views than ever, this shows how the 2008 Gymnastics Olympics was successful. In 2008, the Beijing Gymnastic Olympics was one of the most successful Olympics ever. Records were broken and history was made. Many obstacles were overcome and made this group of athletes special to the world; from teens being tested for age to British competitors making history f or their country. Heartfelt stories were seen and major upsets were encountered. This is what made the 2008 Gymnastics Olympics successful and different from each other Olympics competition. These supporting details show why I, and many others, believe the Olympics were to go down in history as a

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