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Nathalie Larsen of Gothenburg, Sweden has accomplished much in her life. She has blue eyes to go along with her blonde hair. Her personality compiles of her kindness, genuine, and determination. She is currently twenty-one years old and will turn twenty-two on March twenty-eighth. This twenty-one year old has accomplished many great things throughout her athletic adventure. Nathalie started playing hockey when she was four years old. Ice hockey caught her attention while growing up and watching her older brother Nicholas play. “ “At first I hated hockey because my feet hurt inside my skate and I would cry,” laughed Nathalie. She started playing with the boys and ended playing with the boys when she was fifteen years old. Throughout her entire career as a hockey player she has played on eight different teams. Being from Sweden has given her many opportunities in her athletics. When she was sixteen years old she was invited to a summer camp for Team Sweden for ice hockey. The camp only invites the top thirty elite athletes from Sweden to attend the camp. With her age and inexperience the nerves got the best of her and she wasn’t too happy with her performance. Her coaches must have thought her performance was phenomenal because she was invited to…show more content…
With being extremely talented in both soccer and hockey, she needed to decide which sport she wanted to pursue in college. She ended up deciding hockey was her true passion and ended up playing at Lindenwood in Missouri. The level of hockey was not what she expected and left her unsatisfied with her decision to attend Lindenwood, a division three program. She then decided she wanted to play division one hockey. She then transferred to Niagara University and doesn’t regret a thing. “Attending Niagara has been the best decision I have made”, added Nathalie. At Niagara she will continue her hockey career and pursue a degree in sports

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