Why People Should Live on a Farm Essay

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Why everyone should own and operate a dairy farm. Have you ever wanted to run a dairy farm and to know where your food comes from? Well then you should try out dairy farming. my parents dairy farm and yes it is hard work, a lot of hard work, there is stress during some times of the year. There is also the time consuming that there is no time for play. cows must be fed and cared for. they also must be milked twice a day every day 365 days a year. my family milks year round and so they time the calvings year round. so a cow will get dried off for 60 days and the freshen and start milking again. and then there are the crops. we have to plant crops every year to be able to feed the cows and the young stock through the winter and until we get the new crop put up for the following winter. we grow corn for grain and for corn silage, we grow hay for haylage and for dry hay. we also grow soybeans for protein to feed the milking herd of bovines. they all have names(my mom makes sure they have their own special identities) we drink the fresh milk from the bulk tank, and have farm fresh beef to eat. Every spring you must check the fences to the pastures so that you keep your animals in and off the road and neighbors fields and yards. you also have to haul out manure and clean up the pile up from the winter to spread on the fields so that you can utilize the good fertilizer that the cow made. then you have to decide where you will be putting which crop because you can't have corn on corn etc. We must take and disk and plow the fertilizer into the ground and get the ground warmed up so that the seed can grow. then we pick rock. dairy farming has good days and bad days. good days when things go right and smoothly. Bad days, well things can break and then that costs repairs and downtime. dairy farming means you have to be a vet, a midwife, mr. fix it. accountant and

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