Women from Elite Colleges Motherhood or Work

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Women from Elite Colleges Motherhood or Work Throughout time women have been expected to stay home and take care of the family, but times have changed. Some mothers go to work and others stay home. There are influences that help or hinder a woman’s choice to stay home or work, even if she has attended an excellent college according to “Many Women at Elite College Set Career Path to Motherhood” by Louise Story. Their families are the biggest influence in their lives. Their family members were the only role models they had to go by while they were growing up. The other big influence in their life is money. With today’s economy, money plays a big part in whether or not a woman works or stays home. People do not realize how much society makes a difference in a woman’s choice in what she wants to do. In the fifties, women were supposed to stay home and society gave them no choice about working. A woman’s family structure while growing up helps her make a decision because of the role their mothers played in the household. If the mother works, then the daughter will work, too. On the other hand, if the mother stays home, the woman may be influenced to do the same, even if she went to an elite college. A father has a major role in a girl’s life because, if he wants his wife to stay home and not work, he may want his daughter to stay home, too. However, there are fathers who want their daughters to get a good education and be independent from men. In some families, their cultures will not allow women to work because it is against their religion or cultural beliefs. Even here in the United States, depending on the culture a woman comes from, she still would not be allowed to work. Other women in the United States are allowed to make their choice freely. The family dynamic has a great influence on a woman when it comes time for her to make that choice. A mother’s

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