India Essay: Education For Girls In India

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Education for girls in India is not the same as it is here in the United States. In fact most of the girls in India don’t even have an education. “,” states that In India 53% of girls ages 5 to 9 years can not read or write. some family dont allow their daughters to go to school, but others simply can't afford it. Parents in India don't let their daughters get an education because they provide free labor at home for their families. Also won't learn to become a good housewife. It is common that girls in India are married of to have kids and take care of the house. So parents think staying home and teaching their daughters to be a good housewife is a better option. Once girls are married the husband is in charge. According to “,” “5% of girls in India have control over choosing their husband.” If girls go…show more content…
Not only are girls not able to go to school but it would be dangerous for them to attend. Terrorists are afraid of girls with an education because they would be strong and smart. So they react with violence. The terrorists often threaten the schools to make it an only boys school. One particular women in Afghanistan named Jan was threatened. Four men came to her school and told her she had one last chance to make her school an only boys school. According to “” the men said that boys are the backbone of Afghanistan. This text goes on to how jan responded, “Women are the eyesight of Afghanistan, and unfortunately you are all blind, I really want to give you some sight.” Jan said that those men never came back. Girls in Afghanistan could have it all if they could stand up for themselves. But it's not that easy all the time. Some schools in Afghanistan have to close because of attacks by insurgents who are against women's education. It's dangerous for girls to go to school in Afghanistan for many reasons but even when they do get to go it's not the most joy that you would

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