The Chrysalids Essay

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The Chrysalids Essay In John Wyndham’s novel the Chrysalids David and his group of friends have to run from the expectations of society to be normal. David and his group of friends have special abilities that no one finds normal so they have to keep it from the community. David struggles with the internal and external conflict about what he is told is right and what is wrong with the discrimination all around him, in his community and even in his family. This important to know because it teaches people about discrimination and what it is like to be discriminated, or live in a discriminated community. David feels discriminated because he is different; he is not a person of the norm. People in Waknuk don’t like the fact that some people are different and the men tell the women what to wear. All the women in Waknuk wear long dresses. So in Waknuk all the people have to be the same and have to dislike something’s that is even the slightest bit different. When David dreams his dream about the city he tells his sister. His sister tells him not to tell anyone and David thought “that’s was good advice, and luckily I had the sense to take it. People in our district had a very sharp eye for the odd, or unusual, so that even my left handiness cause slight disapproval”. Wyndham 5. This quote is important because it shows that people were a little disapproving of David’s left-handedness because it was odd or unusual. So people would be disapproving of a deviation. Women are often treated like they are less then the men and its there fault the blasphemies are created. Women don’t get to do much other then work in the home, they are not permitted to go out in to the fields and they have to stay home and do housework. When Aunt Harriet was talking to David’s mom about her deviated child said “this is the third time, they’ll take my baby
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