How Has American Culture Changed Since The 1950's

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Kay Sarkodie SOCI 2301 Professor Boutte-Heiniluoma November 9, 2014 The Changing American Families America’s culture has changed in drastically since the 1950’s (MailOnline). From the music people listen to, the fashion industry, technological advances, and the type of activities people are doing for fun – the American culture has taken a complete turn. There have also been serious changes in marriage and family culture. Marriages in the 2000’s are not like they were when our grandparents and parents were young (Elliot). Without a change, all women would still be living life as a housewife like Lucy from “I Love Lucy” (Lamb) Divorce rates have increased since the 1950’s and the couples are getting divorced under different circumstances. Parenting styles and household structures have also changes since the 1950’s (Elliot). During the 1950s, divorce was not widely accepted, so marriages we stronger during this time. Marriage rates in the 1950’s were at their highest in this time period compared to the years prior (Elliot). In the 1950’s, interracial marriages were not accepted or legal in some states. The average age for a man to get married…show more content…
In the 1950’s, there were wives who were suffering from depression. Women sacrificed a lot for their families during this time (MailOnline). Some women did not get to further their education because they had children in their early twenties. These women were unable to go out and participate in activities outside of the home because they had to be the “perfect housewife” and manage the home (Lamb). It was like they were confined to the vicinity of their home. Some wives were unable to get well-paying jobs and when they did get a job they were not treated equal to men. All the following were causes for unhappiness in a marriage but even though they were unsatisfied, women often stayed with their husbands
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