Women Then and Now Compare and Contrast Essay

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Women Then and Now- Compare and Contrast Essay There was once a time when women were thought to be completely inferior and subordinate to men. They were thought to be less than a man in regards to intellectuality, physical strength, and virtually all other aspects of life other than being a homemaker. Some people in the modern world still think and feel this way, but there have also been many improvements in women’s rights since those times. In some parts of the world, women still cannot have the same rights as a man, whereas in other parts of the world, women are considered equal. Before the 20th century, the role of a woman was only to stay home and cook, clean, and take care of the kids. A woman going out a having a career of her own was never even a thought. Women were not allowed to do labor intensive work as they were considered physically weaker than a man. Because of this, men took all the opportunities they wanted to become successful whereas women’s opportunities were limited in the household as that was the only place they could ever be. Now, in the 20th century, women have a multitude of opportunities when compared to women back then. It is now considered normal for a woman to have a job alongside her husband. Women now have a choice of whether they want to stay home with their children and take care of the household or if they would rather go out and work. Women can be just as successful as a man in these times. Also, women are achieving the same professions as a man whereas before the 20th century, that was nearly impossible. Who would have thought that women could participate in and lead political activities? Just last year during the election, women broke the record in politics. There are more women in senate than there have ever been before. Events like these shows that women are finally getting the same opportunities as men. Conversely, there

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