How Were Women Treated In The 1920's

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Women and Society There once was a time where women were treated differently, just because they where women. Women's proper role in society was largely limited to the domestic sphere, and even in family life, both legally and actually, women were always supposed to be under the control of some male authority: first by the father, then by the husband, and if the woman were widowed, in many regions finally by either male children or the male relatives of her deceased spouse. The course of a woman's life was clearly defined: first as daughter and virgin, then as wife and mother, and finally as widow. Only a wealthy widow had any real chance of being more or less independent and in charge of her own life. During the 1920’s a woman’s role in society was to cater to their husband and families. Thankfully we are no longer in that dark period of history. Now, time has presented new opportunities such as duties, educational opportunities, work, voice, and even dress for women. Women lived the life that was common for…show more content…
Back on those day education for women was very limited and had we attended school back in those days we would probably end up learning about cooking, cleaning, and about how to please and cater to your husband's needs when you got married, as well as take care of children. Young girls didn't have the choice to get an education, and only a few girls could go to school, because usually their family could only afford to send one child to school, and the boy would be their first pick. Girls have a chance to go to university now and get a good, well-paying job. Back in the 1920's and the 1930's, women usually just skipped university after high school and began working, doing a 'female job', once they were done. These days in school we learn about important things, and girls can get the education that they need to have a good
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