Women of Today vs Women of Yesterday

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17 February 2013 Compare / Contrast Family values have changed since the nineteen-fifties. The rules for women in that day represented repression and constriction. High expectation was placed on behavior and women were expected to fulfill certain roles. The woman was expected to be the perfect mother, excellent homemaker and submissive wife. The perfect mother would stay at home and nurture her family. An excellent homemaker would have dinner on the table when her husband came home from work. A submissive wife agreed with her husband and carried out his every wish. Today, women work outside the home. Daycare and nanny’s fulfill the role of caretaker. Today’s women are less than submissive in their role as wife. They have a voice and are not so dutiful. Another reason for the difference in women today, is the divorce rate. Women today are different than women in the nineteen-fifties, in motherhood, homemaking, marriage and fashion. The difference between women of the nineteen-fifties and women today, is women were not independent of their expected roles. Women today are completely independent of the household duties. Sixty years ago, women cooked breakfast every morning, and not just an egg or two. They prepared a full meal. A woman’s life revolved around the house. They would do anything to please their husband, because he was the sole breadwinner of the household. To disagree with him would have been a contradiction in a wife’s position as submissive. Women today, have their own money and careers. Instead of waking up at the crack of dawn to fix the family breakfast, she runs off to the gym, to get in a good workout. Then, it’s off to work for eight hours. Today women most likely have a housekeeping service to do her cleaning around the house. For dinner, she calls the nearest pizza delivery service. The most noticeable change, from
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