Women In Renaissance Period

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Cherelle Newsome November 30, 2011 Mr.Gomez Women in Renaissance Period “Anything you can do, I can do better”. This quote is spoken by many. The basic meaning of this quote is people always try to outshine each other. Prime example of this quote is how men believe that they are superior to women. Men believe that the things they do and accomplish, women will not be able to achieve or do better than what they have done. Women in the renaissance period have been an exemplar of accomplishing things men thought they could not accomplish. Women impacted the renaissance period by patronizing and promoting arts, progressing politically, and taking over jobs that were originally worked by men. Women in the renaissance period had many daily roles. Most of the time, they stayed home because of customs and prejudice. After the 13th century, the number of women roles decreased. Women were being paid less for jobs. This meant that more women were unemployed. Most middle class women were working alongside their husbands in some business. Middle class women were hard at work spinning wool, carding, weaving, cobbling, sewing, brewing and keeping domestic hearth. Some middle class women were cutlers, wool merchants, leather workers, butchers, ironmongers, or bookbinders. Before the 15th century, women could join craft guilds. Shortly after the 15th, craft guilds excluded women. This demonstrates both being insecure, on the men part, and women losing their power. The men were arguably insecure because they knew the women were better than them in this job. So they had to prohibit them from it period. Some guild regulations treated a wife as a business partner. The wife had the right to continue the business. The wife of any craftsman was good enough to supervise the shop or even take over when her husband was deceased. Women who had authority
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