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There is much to say about gender roles and relationships and the view that they have become more equal. Item 2B mentions Gershuny who argues that there is a trend towards greater equality and says that there is often greater equality between the husband and wife IF the wife is in full time employment. His study’s identified a period of ‘lagged adaptation’ which is a time gap between the time when a woman starts paid work and t eh time where her husband increases his domestic activity. Devine would agree with Gershuny in the idea that we are moving towards greater equality but she identifies the fact that even though men are supposedly helping more, it is not enough and domestic labour is still seen as primarily the women’s responsibility.…show more content…
Conjugal roles are the roles that are performed by the husband and wife and can be either joint or segregated. They say that by the late 1970’s joint conjugal roles were common and that this had allowed the emergence of the ‘symmetrical family’. They said that with spouses sharing work and leisure, there is greater equality. Young and Wilmott also touch on the idea of decision making within the relationship, an area often spoken about by Edgell. Edgell says that women do most decision making frequently on a probably daily basis, but their decisions go unnoticed whereas men make fewer decisions more infrequently but they seem to be the more important decisions such as moving house or buying a car or other serious financial decisions. A radical feminist would say that Edgells study just outlines the fact that we are living in a patriarchal society and that men are viewed more highly and have more power and control in the relationship, and that women are just used for everyday menial tasks. In conclusion, there is much to y for both sides of the argument but it is difficult to decide either way. It appears that there is some equality but we have a long way to go before actual
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