Essay On Women's Status In Canada

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“Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily this is not difficult” Charlotte Whitton, First Female Mayor of Ottawa. From 1914 to the current day, women’s status has drastically changed and shaped Canada. Women’s status has changed the economy, the overall perspective of women and the family life. Before world war one, women had little to no rights and were owned by men however, today women are more empowered than ever. Women’s status in the economy has shaped Canada since 1914. Women and children were owned by their father and/or husband. Women had no say and were not allowed to work and any money they earned or land they owned was controlled by their husband. Men controlled all financing and provided for the family. (ohrc) However,…show more content…
In 1921, families had an average of 4.3 people. Today that number has reached a low of 2.5. (Government Canada) With women getting higher levels of education, many wait a long time to have kids and have fewer. In the early 1900’s many women got an education no higher than elementary school and very few had their own source of income. However, by the mid 1900’s women were finally allowed to go to school, have a sophisticated career and sometimes, make more than their husband. Women now lead busy lives and with high level education, and careers, some women choose not to get married and the divorce rate is over 50%. Women have gained a lot of respect. In the 1920’s, men thought they were better than women, however now, many women hold high positions of power including, MP’s, Prime Minister and Premiers. Women can have highly respected positions and have proved themselves as leaders. Society’s opinion has changed immensely. Women have made an everlasting impact on Canadian society since 1914. They have changed the economy, typical family life, and society’s impressions. Their social status has impacted every aspect of being
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