Only Daughter by Sandra Cisneros

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Only Daughter by Sandra Cisneros The title "Only Daughter" has several meanings to the author Sandra Cisneros. Her being the only daughter in her family meant that she had to work twice as hard to gain her father’s approval. It meant that she was excluded from playing with her brothers because they did not want to be seen playing with a girl. It meant that when she was older she was supposed to grow up get married and have children. It also meant Sandra had a different relationship with her father than her brothers. Sandra's father often bragged to people that he had seven sons putting her in the wrong category making her seem invisible as if she had no identity. This along with Sandra being the only daughter often forced her to isolate herself from the rest of the family. She spent a lot of time alone. Being the only daughter meant that she did not have another sister that could empathize with her and keep her company. This is important because majority of her childhood Sandra was by herself reading while most children including her six brothers were outside playing games and being a kid. It show's she was strong and could handle long periods of time where she had no one to talk to. Her father had a mindset like any typical man. He thought it was better to have sons than daughters. He wanted her to grow up and become someone's wife. When Sandra told her father that she wanted to go to college he was happy. Not because she was getting an education but because he thought colleges were good places to find a husband. When she finished college and did not have a husband her father felt as if she had wasted an education. This show's that Sandra's father lacked support for her dreams and only cared if she was married and became the stereotypical Mexican woman. This is important to the title because when Sandra's brother finished medical school their father showed

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