Book Report On A Child Called It By Dave Pelzer

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A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer is a real life story about a little boy who was mentally, physically, and emotionally abused by his mother. The book begins with the ending where Dave is rescued by his teachers and School nurse. I think this was a good way to start the book so that after the ending he can tell us about all the experiences he went through to get there. In the beginning, Dave had a normal life with his mom, dad and two siblings. His parents’ marriage started to fall apart and that’s when things started to change. His mother felt that Dave was to blame for it and that’s when the abuse began. At first, Mother made him do every chore possible and didn’t let him talk to anyone but her. Mother…show more content…
In the beginning of the book, when Dave talks about when the family was once good, he calls his mom, “Mom”. He later on calls her “Mother” when she becomes abusive. He does this because he became distant from her when the abusive started. He didn’t feel safe referring to her as mom anymore because she wasn’t the nurturing mother that she once was. Before the abuse, Mother would’ve done anything for her family. When the abuse started, mother thought of Dave as nothing. She treated Dave like an “It”. Dave’s relationship with his father was also weird. I don’t understand how father didn’t try to protect his son no matter what could’ve happened. Most of the time, he just sat there and didn’t do anything. Only thing he ever did was try and sneak Dave bits of food. When the abuse started, father spent less and less time home which made mother even more made and she took it out on Dave. He would sometimes argue with mother but that never worked out because she was always in control. One point when Dave was really disgusted with father is after mother stabbed him and Dave

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