Misunderstood/ a Rose for Emily

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Misunderstood In the short story”A Rose for Emily,” written by William Faulkner, the main character Miss Emily Grierson is a strange lady to an average readers standards. Her character analysis could go any number of ways. It is impossible not to examine her mental stability throughout this story. Over the reading of “A Rose for Emily,” Miss Emily has erratic and schizophrenia behavior the townspeople might even call it downright bizarre. The townspeople didn’t call her crazy at first; they thought she was sheltered, unhappy. Miss Emily was from a family of high stature and wealth in their small town. She had a certain social upbringing that put certain pressures and stress upon her. Her father drove all her potential husbands away, leaving her never to marry. This emotional stress had caused her mental stability to weaken and crack. When her father dies that’s when we see her mental stability worsen. Emily had a breakdown after her father died. She began to avoid contact with everyone but her manservant. She never left the house. When the townswomen came to the house to offer up their condolences, they noticed that she had no emotion on her face, an emotionless stare. This is the first time she shows us behavior of schizophrenia. The townspeople know she is not stable emotionally or mentally, they enable her to maintain this delusion almost denial of her stature. She is in her on fantasy land. Events that unfold throughout the story show us just how unstable she actually was. Miss Emily acted against everything the towns people were trying to do. They wanted a mailbox attached to the house, and she refused. The consent complaints about her house smelling of odor. The townspeople wanted to hold her high on her pedestal. They didn’t know how to get through to her. At Emily’s end she had entered a world of fantasy and denial. She would not let
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