Kate Morrison Crow Lake Analysis

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I have managed to learn nothing at all After the tragic death of Kate Morrison’s parents in the novel Crow Lake by Mary Lawson, she lives with her siblings where her older brothers take charge of the family. Her oldest brother Luke tries to find jobs and sacrifices his own education to support the family. During the time when he works in McLean’s family store, he and their daughter Sally develop affection towards each other. Consequently, Sally tries to seduce Luke to have sex with her; however Luke rejects the offer for the sake of their family. Similar story happens to Kate’s other brother, Matt, but the way they handle are the opposite. One Sunday, Kate discovers Matt and Marie Pye sit together around the pond. By her observations,…show more content…
Indeed, Luke and Matt’s life are changed forever, especially for Matt. Due to Matt’s actions towards Marie, he chooses to give up his chance to go to university, which could have gotten him out of impoverishment and give him the future where he can fully support his family. In Kate’s eyes, giving up this opportunity is a lifelong regret. However, she fails to realize that whether Matt is happy or not is what really matters. Matt now has a son, a good wife, and an ordinary life; he still has a good family life without going to university. In contrast with Kate, although she has good education and job, she doesn’t have her own family and in fact, she says, “I had never thought I would really love anyone.” (89) From another perspective, she seems to be the one that is going to have a sad life. Similar with Luke, when he rejects Sally it is due to his responsibility as a caregiver. He is happy with his decision since it is for his family. If Matt chooses to go to university instead and leaves Marie, he will most likely lose his happiness and truly be an emotionless “nerd” and suffers like Kate who does not truly knows the meaning of love. In the end, no matter what kind of lifestyle it is, what truly matters is whether one can find their
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