How Is Sheila Birling Presented in ‘an Inspector Calls’?

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How Is Sheila Birling Presented In ‘An Inspector Calls’? In this essay, I will be looking at the different devices that Priestly uses to present Sheila as a spoilt brat who changes her outlook on things to be a more considerate person. I will also be looking at other characters responses to her and her actions and also the method that are used by Priestly to present her in this light. Sheila is very different form her mother Mrs Birling. Although she starts off as very stubborn, Priestly emphasises that she is a girl of many personalities including sympathetic. At the start of the play, Sheila can be seen as a spoilt airhead that gets what she pleases. She is engaged to Gerald and is happy about it but she talks rather arrogantly towards Eric and also towards Gerald. She shows her parents a lot of respect but she makes sure that no one forgets that this is her special day and no one can take this away from her. We see an example of this arrogance towards Gerald when she says ‘Go on Gerald – just you object!’, and the stage directions that it should be said with mock aggressiveness. This is one example of the many things that she says to Gerald with stage directions of such a manner. She doesn’t seem to say anything normally but has some sort of sarcastic tone to say it in when she is talking to Gerald. When the inspector comes, Sheila is very honest and open about everything that she did wrong and is genuinely apologetic about everything that she has done to contribute to the death of Eva Smith but she doesn’t want to take all the blame so she is very persistent that everyone admits to their involvement to the death of Eva Smith. She doesn’t want all the blame on her so she insists that the rest of the family says what they have done so she doesn’t feel so bad because they also ‘helped to kill this girl’ as Gerald says. She can be seen as more considerate than

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