comparison of clever manka and a story of an hour

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Struggles of Woman and Man Both “The Story of an Hour” and “Clever Manka”, are very short stories about a man and a women, both having struggles in their marriage. However, the two women have distinctly different qualities, making the ending very different in the two stories. “Clever Manka’s” husband has a much greater involvement in the story than that of “The Story of an Hour”; therefore, we do not have both sides of the conflict in their marriage. It also makes it difficult to determine the thoughts and actions of the husband. Both stories show the thematic struggle between men and women. Manka was a very strong willed women with quite the wit about her. She was not afraid to go up against her husband morally, or mentally. She made sure that he knew how she felt about a situation and was not afraid to prove it to him. Manka would fight for what she believed in and would do anything to get what she wanted. She loved her husband very much. Mrs. Mallard was very weak and the author showed this by talking about her weak heart. She did not seem to love her husband and was glad to be free from him at last when she thought he was dead. Had she have been as strong as Manka and did not want to be married, she would have just left her husband. But since she was weak she stayed in her marriage, even though she was very unhappy, or thought she was. In the burgomaster’s case he sent home a riddle to the two parties, and the man that answered the riddle correctly would win the case. He asked and asked the winner who gave him the answer, he had to know. When the man told him it was his daughter, he then sent another riddle to the daughter (Manka) and once again with her cleverness she had the right answer, so then the burgomaster wanted to marry her. He told her she must never interfere with any of his cases, or she would have to leave. Mrs.

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