John Proctor And Abigail Williams Relationship Analysis

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A wife, a husband and a young servant with a dirty little secret with someone you wouldn’t expect; a secret love affair with the husband- John Procter- all behind the wife's- Elizabeth Procter- back. John Procter and Abigail Williams have been hiding their complex, secretive and dangerous relationship from the whole town since Abigail worked as a servant in the Procter household. John Procter and Abigail Williams relationship is extremely complex first and foremost. The relationship between these two dynamic characters goes much farther than just two people having a simple affair, partially because affairs are never simple. Another reason being that john Procter has a wife- Elizabeth Procter- and Abigail Williams is only an adolescent. Their…show more content…
Because their relationship is an affair, they cannot see each other in the way they want to very often and especially not while other people are around. They are not married to each other which make their relationship very wrong in that community and time- more so wrong than it would be now. John Procter understands that their secret must be kept, but finished, but Abigail doesn’t care that they were caught once and could be caught again. She just wants their relationship back and says, “Oh, I marvel, how such a strong man may let such a sickly wife be-” (miller 22) Abigail then comes to claim that Elizabeth, john’s wife, is “Blackening me (her) name in the village!” She is telling lies about me (her)!” (Miller 22) but he just gets angry at himself because it’s true, and threatens to whip her for talking about his wife that…show more content…
The first reason is that because Abigail Williams is extremely manipulative and vindictive. Abigail tries to get Procter to pity her saying, “You loved me, John Proctor, and whatever sin it is, you love me yet! John, pity me, pity me!” (Miller 22). Abigail wants Procter to pity and give her what she wants, regardless that his wife caught them once and can catch them again. Another reason their relationship is dangerous is that if John Procter were to prosecute against Abigail Williams saying that she is in fact a witch, Abigail Williams could very easily tell the entire town that she and Procter have been having an affair to get revenge on him. It wouldn’t really affect her too much, but on the contrary, it would ruin his reputation in the town and his relationship with his wife. Later in Act I, Abigail is being “interrogated” by Reverend Hale and she claims “I never sold myself! I’m a good girl! I’m a proper girl!” (Miller 40) in this statement, Abigail is defending herself that she never sold herself to the devil. If Hale were to find out about her affair with Procter, he might be more apt to assume she did sell herself. So that is dangerous to her life because if they assume that she did in fact sell herself to the devil, she will be hung for

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