Elements Of Abigail Williams In The Crucible

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Throughout The Crucible, many literary elements are shown through many different characters. One character who seems to stand out in the story is Abigail Williams. For the most part, the people in the town of Salem see her as a wholesome young girl. Little did they know, she would be the cause of a widespread hysteria amongst their town. Abigail is a young 17 yr old who is the niece of reverend Parris. She Lives with reverend Parris in his household after being fired as a worker for the proctors. One day out in the woods, Abigail and her friends were dancing around a cauldron. Parris spotted them from far away and confronted Abigail on the topic of witchcraft. He asked what she was doing dancing in the forest and if she conjured any spirits. She Lied and said they were just dancing and that they never conjured any spirits. Abigail knows that lieing is a sin but committing witchcraft is an even greater sin that could be punishable by death. Abigail actually drank blood…show more content…
Abigail Williams tries to get another mans wife murdered because she has an obsessive lust for him. This goes to show that many young adults confuse love and lust. Abigail thinks that she is in love with John Proctor after he has an affair with her. Abigail never had a relationship with Proctor but yet she feels she is in love with him. John denies Abigail saying that it will never happen because he loves his wife. Their relationship isn’t the strongest but love is there. This so called love drives Abigail to accuse Johns wife of witchcraft so that she is to be hanged for committing sins against the bible. She thinks that killing Johns wife would make him love her even though John has told her otherwise so many times already. Her actions actually hurt John greatly throughout the story. Without this lust for John Proctor, Abigail wouldn’t have a reason to falsely accuse Ms. Proctor of

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