Creon And Haemon Honor Family In Antigone

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In the play “Antigone” written by Sophocles, it is clear that both family and authority are honoured in many different ways. Both Antigone and Haemon honor family while Creon and Ismene honor authority. Antigone values her family as she fights against the law to bury her unburied brother, Haemon shares his thoughts with his father and also through his love for his bride shows family honor. Creon shows arrogant thoughts towards the ideas of family honor when he creates the law that his nephew should not be buried, Ismene shows strong honor to authority as she does not help her sister bury and honor her brother. Throughout this play Sophocles contrasts family vs authority which diminishes and changes relationships between family members and characters.…show more content…
As Antigone fights against the authority to bury polynecies she comes into conflict with her uncle, Creon. Creon decides that she is to be punished even though she is family. He also gives her a chance to say that it wasn’t her, but she takes pride in the honor of her brother, and pride in the struggle that she went through to stay faithful to her family. This leads to conflict between her and Creon which diminishes their relationship “I intend to give my brother burial. I’ll be glad to die in the attempt,-- if it’s a crime, then it’s a crime that God commands.” This is stated by Antigone and it is showing that she would give her life to stay loyal to her family and to give her unburied brother the proper

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