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Character Analysis Hester Prynne is the character I have chosen to accomplish this character analysis. I chose to analyze Hester Prynne, because she plays a major role in The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Hester Prynne is a young rebellious lady who succumbed to temptation. This caused her many problems, because in her religion adultery is the worst sin you can perform. This caused her to be humiliated and punished in front of the whole town. Hester Prynne unquestionably the protagonist of this novel even though she had committed sin at the beginning. Hester Prynne was given the chance for this story to never leave the town and she wouldn’t have had to wear the letter “A”, but she decided to stay in the town and succumb everything that was given to her. She tried to accomplish the best and succumb all of the punishments that were meant to diminish her. She constantly made herself useful towards the other people, and used the talents and gifts that were given to change the meaning of her punishment into her becoming he legend of her Puritan Age. Hester Prynne also is protective person in this novel, because she protects Reverend Dimmesdale's name when she was asked who was the father. As well as Hester Prynne always tried to protect her daughter “Pearl”, so she never told her the what really happened and what the “A” meant for Pearl’s benefit. This showed Hester as a protective mother of her child. Hester Prynne’s core quest in this novel was after she had left prison and punished for the sin she had committed. SHe wanted only one thing to try to make the villagers forget about her sin and live on without having to remember about this story again. She tried everything she could try. At the end she achieved and people started forgetting about her sin and what she did. If she had got unsuccessful she may have tried to suicide herself, because she

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