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Max Ukrainec Mrs. Pudas ENG3U1-01 19 December 2013 The Complicated Father-Son Relationship A good father is someone who loves and respects his child and would do anything for that child, even risk his own life. A good father is always there for his child. As the novel, The Kite Runner is read the reader finds out the type of father that Baba was and his complicated relationship with his son Amir. Hossieni shows us the real characters people are, but the important thing is the relationships with each other and how they react to one another. Baba is the important character that controls everyone, such as how they live their lives and puts the negatives with the positives. This connection shows Amir’s feeling about Baba and about himself. All Amirs’ feelings cause much to go on, but all this just makes him realize how he was his father’s son. The father son relationship starts off very bad. Since the day Amir is born, he feels that his father dislikes him. While his mother gave birth, Amir continually felt as though he had to fix the ruining of his father’s life of love with Sofia. After all, they did not have much similarity, leading to a problem; Amir really had nothing to do that could affect Baba since they have nothing similar. Baba was more energetic, confident, and big on taking risks whereas Amir is not. The differences between the father and son are so abundant that Baba emphasizes, “If I hadn’t seen the doctor pull him out of my wife with my own eyes, I’d not believe he’s my son” (Hossieni 25). Amir listens to this hurtful quote and becomes more persistent than before to achieve his father’s friendship and adoration. Amir starts trying to intrigue his father that he even starts to play sports. It was apparent however, that this did not turn out to be one of Amir’s strengths. Baba’s shortage of emotion led Amir into an event between Hassan and himself.

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