Keeping Hope in Elie Wiesel’s Night

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People around us can have big impacts on our lives. In the novel Night, written by Elie Weisel, he depicts the people he interacts with who can strengthen or diminish his hope and desire to live. The strength is first shown by the relationship between the author and his father. Secondly, the story of Rabbi Eliahou and his son encourage the author to live on. The Nazis inhumanity and brutality slowly diminished his hope and desire to live. Despite Elie’s constant battle, it is from the interaction with other characters that he is able to maintain his hope. Elie depends on his father for support, and his love for his father makes him strengthen his hope and desire to live. When they arrived at the camp, his father said that he would rather Elie to go with his mother than to see what they were going to experience as men. The father began to cry and this was the only time that Elie saw his father cry. Elie felt emotion and love from his father, which made him feel safe and cared for. Elie relies on his father and needs to be with his father in the camp. When he is going through selection before a Kommando, he begs the officer saying, “I want to stay with my father,” (48); a sad cry from child that softens the Kommando’s heart. Elie and his father have a strong relationship and Elie wants to survive with his father. Rabbi Eliahou and his son’s story makes Elie realize that he has to take care of his father and both of them live. Rabbi Eliahou’s son treats his father badly and leaves the father, because he does not want to be stuck with an old man. His son got both of them killed. In response to this Elie asks, "My God, Lord of the Universe, give me strength never to do what Rabbi Eliahou’s son has done,"(67). Elie wants to protect his father and keep them alive. His bond is stronger with his father than the Rabbi’s son’s bond with his. Clearly, Elie feels that all

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