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I hated reading the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. It was a very good book but it was so depressing, tragic, and scary. As I read this story, one bad thing happened after another. I did not like the narrator Amir because he was very selfish throughout most of the book and took advantage of a special friendship that him and Hassan shared until Amir didn't want anything else to do with him. As a child, Amir was constantly trying to impress his father, Baba, who looked up to Hassan more than he did Amir. This caused Amir to always be jealous of Hassan, and would constantly test Hassan's loyalty. This was one of the things that I hated about Amir. No matter how much Hassan did for him, he still tested him. Amir would rather his father love him and be proud of him for one day than help his best friend from getting raped. Amir was selfish and unappreciative. After Hassan got raped, the relationship between him and Amir changed for the worst. Amir did another terrible thing by framming Hassan. This was the last time Amir saw Hassan because after Hassan and his father left, Amir and Baba moved to America. Amir finally grew up and matured while living over there. He was a very good writter and married. He always carries the guilt of all the horrible things he did to Hassan and slowly grows out of being a selfish person into a caring individual. The next time he goes to Afganistan is when he goes to visit Rahim. Rahim tells him another big turning point, Hassan was his half brother. This makes him feel even worst about the things that he did to Hassan and makes him feel worst about running him and Ali off. He tries to redeem himself and do something good by saving Hassan's son because Hassan has died. I think that Amir would have to do a lot more to take back what he did as a child but I also feel like he saved his son more for Rahim than for Hassan. Through

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