Examples Of Ambition In The Kite Runner

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The Kite Runner Essay The thought of achieving a certain desire can control a person to the point where they can no longer control their own actions. At this point they will do anything to get what they are yearning for. In the novel “The Kite Runner”, the author Khaled Hosseini demonstrates that ruthless ambition ultimately leads to corruption. The evidence to support this statement is found in Amir's desire for his father's affection and approval, the Taliban's desire for authority over Afghanistan, and Assef's ambition towards having as much power as humanly possible. Amir only has one thing on his mind in the beginning of the novel, he is ambitious for his father's affection and approval. Amir is very different than his father, Baba. For example, he enjoys reading and writing and he is a coward. Baba sees this as a weakness, and since Baba is a strong, brave and confident man he disapproves of his son which leads him to give Amir less affection than he would if the two were more alike. The less affection Baba gives Amir, the more he wants it.“If I hadn't seen the doctor pull him out of my wife with my own eyes, I'd never believe he's my son.” This directly shows how ashamed…show more content…
Amir takes the kite that he had won the tournament with from Hassan and brings it in to show his father. After this betrayal, Amir is so guilt stricken that he forces Hassan out of his life completely to the point where he frames Hassan of stealing from him to try to convince Baba to kick both Hassan and his father, Ali out of their house. The immense desire Amir had for his father's affection allowed him to betray the one person he could count on, corrupting not only his own life, but his father's, Ali's and Hassan's. This was something that lived in his thoughts for the rest of the
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