Amir's Guilt In The Kite Runner

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“The Kite Runner is constructed by Hosseini to present Amir as a weak character who needs to redeem himself.” It is true to say that the intent Hosseini; the author of the novel “The Kite Runner” presents to us is a story of a young boy who grew to be a man haunted by his weak character and need for forgiveness. Amir’s actions of not defending Hassan, when after the kite tournament he went looking for him and saw that he had been confronted and raped by Assef and his two friends in an alley, would torment him all his life. His guilt further intensifies knowing that Hassan would even die for him. Unable to face what he had done, in an attempt to rid of Hassan, Amir for the second time betrays and frames Hassan of theft. This guilt Amir took with him even when he and his father…show more content…
From chapter one, we enter into the world of Amir’s guilt and secrets. Despite their difference Amir and Hassan were inseparable but the shameful events of what took place at the end of the kite tournament would change that for ever. There was nothing Hassan wouldn’t do for Amir even risk his own life. This was obvious when one day; they got into a confrontation with a boy named Assef and his two friends. Assef idolized Hitler and hated Hazaras. As usual Hassan stood up for Amir; he got Assef to leave by aiming his slingshot at Assef’s eye. It was because of situations like these that Baba admired Hassan and wished that Amir was more like him. Baba in fact considered Amir to be weak and cowardly, when speaking to Rahim Khan at the end of Chapter 3 he says, “A boy who won’t stand up for himself becomes a man who can’t stand up to anything.” It’s Amir’s desire for Baba’s approval and cowardly character which later causes him to let Assef rape Hassan. Even before Amir betrays him, Hassan makes him feel guilty simply by being such a righteous person. Amir would regret his decisions all his
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