Analysis Of Quotes From 'The Kite Runner'

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Amir is always jealous of the way Hassan is treated by his dad, and how his dad buys him a lot of valuable gifts for his birthdays. So, Amir starts hating Hassan more because of the better life he has. One day, Amir watches Hassan getting raped by Assef and he does not do anything about it. “I watched Hassan get raped … I understood the nature of my new curse: I was going to get away with it.”(Husseini, #). This quote shows how Amir is admitting watching Hassan gets raped without doing anything, and how he thinks he is going to get away with it. Due to all the betraying moves Amir has done to Hassan; they both end up into two separate paths. Edward Hower suggests in his review for the New York Times ‘Amir's failure to defend his friend will

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