Okonkwo's Downfall

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Okonkwo's Downfall English 201 As Okonkwo lives his life, his experiences, personality and thought are revealed to the reader. The obstacles he faces in life are made numerous as time progresses. Okonkwo's biggest challenge came from himself. He not only had problems with the white culture, but also in his own culture, as he becomes frustrated with tribal ideals that conflict with his own. The way Okonkwo faces his problems in things fall apart eventually leads to his downfall. Okonkwo's dedication to his manliness is what leads him to these circumstances of violence and the way he thinks is the reason for his downfall. Okonkwo was a proud strong man who by working hard was able to bring himself to a respectable man in his clan. Okonkwo always let his anger get the best of him and show no emotion to prove he was a real man and better than his father. Okonkwo was scared of people thinking he was just like his father so he worked hard since he was a child. This made him hate everything his father was made of, which is weakness and being lazy. ”Even as a little boy he had resented his father’s failure and weakness”. (13). when Okonkwo father died he had been in a lot of debt, Okonkwo became obsessed with the idea of manliness in order to get over his father weakness. ”It was the fear himself, lest he should be found to resemble his father.”(13). Therefore, Okonkwo only showed the emotion of anger. He strongly believed that "To show affection was a sign of weakness the only thing worth demonstrating was strength.”(28). Okonkwo’s life first began to fall apart when Ikemefuna, his supposed to be son was killed. Okonkwo considered Ikemefuna as one of his own sons, he actually cared about him. “Even Okonkwo himself became very fond of the body inwardly of course. Okonkwo never showed any emotion openly, unless it was an
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