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Defending Jacob, a novel by William Landay. Is a legal thriller that makes the reader feel like his inside of all the drama, suspense and surprises of this tale. Andy Barber the main character is a assistant district attorney in New England. He has a normal sub-urban life with a good family. He has a wife Laurie, and a son, Jacob. One day a fourteen year old was found dead in the woods with three stab wounds in this chest. Since it happened in a wealthy town and the victim was a child, the case brought a lot of media attention. Everybody in the town was left stunned by the news. The School wich the victim and Jacob attended to was a close for a few days. When the school re open their doors to the students and the parents were felt suspicious and scared. Paranoia was in the air everybody could feel it. They were even preoccupied about sending their kids to school worried that the boy was murdered by a serial killer looking for another victim. Andy was hired by the victim’s father to process the case. It was a very hard one for Mr.Barber. It got to a point where he had to defend his own son. It had ruin Jacob’s reputation and tored the family apart. Andy loved his child and doubted he would kill anyone, but was afraid his father and grandfather’s killer instincts had been passed to him. The relationship between Andy and his mom was completely ruined. After the case was over Laurie and Andy had to find a school for Jacob. Doubting any school would accept “bloody Jacob Barber”. One day Jacob went with his mom to a school to see if they had luck this time. Jacob was expected to be homeschooled for the rest of his high school years. But the town would not cover the costs of homeschooling. Andy thought the schools actually accepted having a interview with Jacob just to “get a glimpse of him, to see what the monster looked like up close”. On the way to the interview a few

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