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The Soledad Slayings By: Brett Plaskowitz Figure [ 1 ] Curleys wife dead on the floor in the barn I Brett Plaskowitz am one of the several editors of the Sycamore Sun Newspaper. Our most recent article “The Soledad slaughters” has caught the eye of many people in this small town. Although this is a small town there are quite a few ranches like the one these gruesome crimes were committed on. I have been editing this newspaper for 13 years and this is the most shocking article i have seen happen in this town. For those of you who don’t know what happened I will tell you: Tuesday of this week 2 bodies were discovered on a small ranch in our home town. The first body found was a female named Joy less her neck was believed to have been snapped by the other victim…Lennie Smalls. His body was found shortly after near a creak. His cause of death was a gunshot wound to the back of the head. He was believed to have been killed by his best friend. This Huge story can affect all of our lives because it is the first murder in this town in 26 years! I believe that this story has rocked us all quite steady.…show more content…
We interviewed the people closest to the victims. The husband of the female victim, and the best friend of the other victim. The first interviewee was Curley. The husband of Joy Less and the son of the owner of the ranch. He informed us that the person who killed his wife was indeed Lennie Smalls. It was said that lennie being a large man has caused pain accidently on people before. “He is not as gentle as he thinks” says Curley. Another man on the ranch nicknamed slim said that he knows Lennie means nothing but good he is just too strong. After interviewing 4 men on the ranch they all said that they knew Lennie didn’t mean to hurt Joy. I don’t think that Lennie deserves a bad reputation for a thing that he did by

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