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TTFC Top Ten Fugitive Captured Charged with Brutal Attack on Police sfasadfawr 07/20/09 Emigdio Preciado, Jr., a career criminal and member of a violent California street gang who was on our Tmwf Fugitives list for a brutal attack on police officers nine years ago, has been captured in Mexico. During a routine traffic stop in September 2000, Preciado stepped out of a van and opened fire on two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies with an assault rifle. Some 21 rounds were fired, one of them hitting a deputy in the head and critically injuring him. “When a police officer is shot, our security is threatened,” said Sal Hernandez, assistant director in charge of our Los Angeles office, “and it illustrates a brazen attitude that…show more content…
James Eddie Diggs presents a puzzle and a mystery. According to all accounts, James Eddie Diggs was a stable family man who was respected by members of the community. His neighbors described him as steady and hard-working. Diggs worked as a mechanic at the Naval Air Station in Norfolk, Virginia. Neighbors reported that at some time before commiting the crimes that placed him on the Most Wanted list, Diggs began drinking and he was heard to be arguing with his wife. A newspaper of account of time tells the story like this: At 7 o'clock on the morning of May 26, 1949, James Eddie Diggs shot and killed his wife, Ruth, and their two sons James Jr., 6, and Alfonso, 4, at their home in Norfolk, Va. There were no signs of a struggle and police have been unable to establish a clear motive. However, shortly before the triple killing Diggs began to drink to excess and to seek the company of women. The whereabouts of Diggs were unknown for nearly a week after the slayings, but on May 31, 1949 he was identified as the man who, when the auto in which he was riding was halted at Hamlet, N. C., drew a revolver and critically wounded officer Rex Howell. After this shooting, Diggs "took to the

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