Into the Wild Personal Essay Unit 5 Embedded Assessment 1

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Into the Wild Personal Essay; Unit 5 Embedded Assessment 1 Krakauer’s novel Into The Wild, reveals the author's connection and relates Chris’ adventures to his own experience in mountain climbing and living on his own. This is not your typical memoir where the author tells a story about their lives. Jon Krakauer is not the main character; however he tells a story of this boy who leaves his well-developed family for no apparent reason. But not only does he tell Chris’ story, he tells his own by fusing them altogether. While reading Into The Wild, although I couldn’t particularly relate to Chris’ passion for secluded living, I was able to sympathize with the ultimate compulsion that lead him to live in the Magic Bus in Alaska. Chris McCandless' relationship with his father was strained at best. Chris was an opinionated, determined, and stubborn young man with high ideals and little room for compromise. His father was a hardworking man with high standards who shared his son's inability to compromise. Chris was always critical of his parents and their lifestyle, but that criticism turned to outright anger when Chris learned that his father had lived a double life with another family for a time. Chris saw his father as a liar and a hypocrite and he was never able to forgive his father. A recurrent theme in Chris' journal was a search for "truth", and he linked that search to the lack of truth he perceived in his family life. After graduating from college Chris felt the need to flee from his family and their expectations in order to seek the truth that he felt he had never experienced. To say that I grew up in a broken home growing up would be a gross misstatement. The word broken implies that at one time the item was in one piece, complete, together; my family life couldn’t possibly be described as broken because we were never whole to begin with. As a child

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